The full service package from product selection advice
to custom development and trainings

Expert Consultation

Service iconSelect right products

for your team
Need help selecting new tools?  Have Trinidad Consulting experts do an identification phase with your team members to analyze your requirements and recommend a solution. This can take from few hours to several weeks.

Installation & Configuration

Service iconStart using your
new licenses

Atlassian products offer multiple configuration options that can sometimes be confusing. We will take care of installing and configuring the software for you, so you can start using it right away.


Service iconTrain your team to become more efficient

We have passed Atlassian Experts Authorized Training Partner tests. Every new tool needs time and practice to get used to. To make your team´s day‑to‑day work more efficient, together we will analyze your training needs and organize professional training sessions.


Custom Development

Service iconAdjust products to
your specific needs

Atlassian products in general are quite flexible, but sometimes you need something not possible by configuration alone. We will help with adjusting your Atlassian software to your specific needs, while preserving future upgrades as much as possible.

License Management

Service iconLet us order, maintain,
and renew your licenses

We sell all Atlassian products and are happy to explain you different licensing terms and handle ordering, maintaining, and renewing your licenses.
When purchasing licenses, it’s always worthwhile to ask us for a quote! You might be surprised at the results!

Our Other Services

Service iconBuild successful interaction between user and product

In addition to Atlassian-related services, Trinidad Wiseman offers requirements analysis and user experience design. Therefore designing that easy to use Confluence-based intranet is our specialty.

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