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The full service package from product selection advice to custom development and trainings

Easiest way to start

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Expert Consultation

How to plan, collaborate, build and service faster and smarter?

We do not have a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. But we do have a team of experts to help you find your ways to do that.

Need help selecting new tools?

Let our consultants analyze your requirements and recommend a solution.

Installation & Configuration

Atlassian products offer multiple configuration options that can sometimes be confusing. We will take care of installing and configuring the software for you, so you can start using it right away.

Custom Development

Atlassian products in general are quite flexible, but in some cases configuration alone is not enough. We will help to adjust your Atlassian software to your specific needs, while keeping in mind to make upgrading/patching as easy as possible in the future.

License Management

It’s always worthwhile to ask us for a license quote! You might be positively surprised.
We are happy to explain the details of licensing terms. We can also handle ordering, maintainining and renewing your licenses.

Health Check

Optimize and find bottlenecks in your Atlassian applications!
We can help you decrease the total cost of ownership of your Atlassian stack, reduce operational risk and improve performance, scalability and productivity.

Jira Admin with Support

Accelerate adoption and enhance knowledge and satisfaction of JIRA.
We configure, maintain and manage JIRA, including workflows, user accounts, custom fields, dashboards, reports, security schemas, project creation, etc.


Learn how to use Atlassian, from beginner basics to advanced techniques.
We help to maximize the value of your Atlassian licenses by preparing your team and individuals to work more efficiently.



We provide server hosting and maintenance, regular updates to products and add-ons, regular database backups. Our Application Administrators are experienced certified Jira System Administrators, who will provide quick solutions in case of emergency.

Support services

We offer SLA agreements on various levels (i.e. 9-17 workdays, 24/7)
Our support services complement your product investments and ensure that you can be successful as you scale Atlassian in your environment.

Our UX Services

Trinidad Wiseman is also a user experience (UX) design, business analysis and software development company.
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Need help with Atlassian licenses?

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