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We also organize seminars and conferences for our local Atlassian community & ecosystem

Upcoming seminars

Next seminar - March 31, 2022

Rewatch past seminars

Marek Lewandowski from Atlassian Marketplace Vendor SoftwarePlant

Thorunn Oskarsdottir from Atlassian Marketplace Vendor TEMPO

Kaur Klaamann and Margus Nael from Trinidad Wiseman

Zihni Saglam from Atlassian Marketplace Vendor RIADA

Giulio Iannazzo from Atlassian

Triin Tars, IT center for Ministry of Finance (RMIT)

Communication and process automation 36 min - 1.5x Speed, (in Estonian)

Ragnar Veermäe Bigbank

Andres Tamman, Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board

Five simple hacks to onboard your team to Confluence 33 min - 1.5x speed, (in Estonian)

Margus Nael, Trinidad Wiseman

Which funny or troublesome things have happened to teams when starting out with Atlassian products? Discussion panel is lead by Peeter Marvet.

JIRA and Confluence certification program 9 min - 1.5x speed, (in Estonian)

Certifications give you confidence and crediblity. Kaur Klaamann from Trinidad Wiseman speaks about doing tests and getting certified.

Development portfolio and changes management in JIRA 36 min - 1.5x speed, (in Estonian)

Vassili Gorbenko from the Information Technology Centre of the Ministry of the Environment gives a talk about managing development- and service portfolios in JIRA and dealing with incidents as well as planned changes.

Orchestrating software development with Atlassian tools 36 min - 1.5x speed, (in Estonian)

Robert Rosimannus from Upitech talks about setting up workflows, statuses and versions in JIRA Software. He also briefly covers some other development tools.

How Bigbank built its intranet on Confluence 28 min - 1.5x speed, (in Estonian)

Maarit Cimolonskas from Bigbank speaks about her experience on switching to Confluence as the platform for intranet in Bigbank. The conversion included 500 users in 6 countries.

Kaupo Laagriküll from SMIT shares his experience on introducing Jira Service Desk in SMIT for two years – what to do and what not to do. He describes the course of the PoC phase and how they finally reached LIVE. The solution has about 10 000 end users and over 250 agents.

Kaur Klaamann from Trinidad Wiseman introduces portfolio management possibilities in JIRA Software, focusing mainly on project portfolio management using the BigPicture plugin.

Using and configuring Confluence for the advanced 30 min - 1.5x speed, (in Estonian)

Juri Reinsalu from IGNITE shows us Confluence’s inner world and speaks about using macros. He also talks about Confluence Source Editor and how to use Confluence as a platform for building intranets, for example.

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