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Tools for your team

Plan, collaborate, build and service faster and smarter

Plan, track, and manage your agile and software development projects.

Jira products – Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Jira Core are purpose built products to better serve specific markets. Jira helps to plan projects and assign tasks for your entire team.

You will have full up-to-date information of all the projects your team is working on and how far have they got, so it’s easy to prioritize and adjust if necessary.

screenshot of jira interface

Software development tool used by agile teams

Jira Software supports you in using the best agile practices for your company. Advanced Roadmaps feature is designed to help multiple teams collaborate together, track the big picture, identify dependencies across large pieces of work. Teams in different industries benefit from Scrum or Kanban to deliver complicated projects in a well-organized, predictable way.

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For marketing, HR, finance, and other business teams

Jira Work Management is a highly configurable work management tool in a Cloud platform designed with business teams in mind. Features like calendar and timeline view help you to plan and track projects and work processes across teams. Connects with Jira Software and Jira Service Management.

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Upgrade your Jira with popular Atlassian Marketplace addons


Project Portfolio Management with agile practices

Links Hierarchy

Find, trace and report linked Issues, Subtasks and Epics

Tempo Timesheets

Review reports, manage work efforts across teams

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For team to create and
share documents

Confluence is a web-based software tool where you and your teammates can create, organize, discuss, search and find information, documentation, and projects. All in one place and easy to use. It’s very flexible, allows you to modify the layout, site structure, and permissions.

screenshot of confluence interface
team calendars logo

Calendar that connects Confluence and Jira

One place for your team to manage projects and plan events. With Confluence Team Calendar you can easily keep track of your team members’ calendars. So it’s easy to see who is on leave, travelling, and working on which projects.

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questions for confluence logo

Q & A to share the knowledge

It is a place to ask questions and receive answers within your team or company. Especially repetitive questions can sometimes be very tiring. To solve that problem, post an answer to your new Confluence Questions.

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Upgrade your Confluence with popular Atlassian Marketplace addons

Scroll Word Exporter for Confluence

Style your Confluence documentation using Word templates

Refined Wiki

Categorize content, create personalized design and dashboards


Create and share professional-quality diagrams

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Service Management

Atlassian service management tools support different methodologies and planning options for a better IT service.

Atlassian tools help you improve your service management processes, including ITSM elements like knowledge base and asset, incident and change management. With user friendly tools you can create easy to operate workflows that help you standardize services. This helps you to easily monitor the health of your services.

For various teams

Jira Service Management (JSM) is a new generation service management tool that helps you manage service requests. JSM enables the end user to conveniently create requests as well as follow their status towards the resolution. In addition, JSM supports SLA compliance and gives IT support and DevOps teams a better overview of the incoming requests.

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For DevOps teams

Opsgenie is a modern incident management/monitoring tool that enables DevOps teams to create on-call schedules, so that in case of incidents the right people will be notified promptly (through e-mail, SMS or a Jira ticket). This is just one functionality that ensures better customer satisfaction for the organisation.

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Plugin for Jira

Insight – Asset Management is a plugin for Jira which helps you easily manage your configuration management database (CMDB) and link components with Jira requests. In addition, it is possible to create separate asset management databases that can be connected.

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Search, review, test, and
manage your code

Huge number of users trust Atlassian Dev Tools in their everyday work to help with software development, collaboration, and code quality.
It is a tool package with large amount of functions your development team can use to deliver great software.

screenshot of dev tools interface

For Software teams

Manage Git repositories


For Software teams

Monitor your subversion repositories


For Software teams

Improve code quality through peer code review


For Software teams

Git and Mercurial desktop client


For Software teams

Identity management for web applications

Clover logo

For Software teams

Code coverage for Java and Groovy


For Software teams

Follow JIRA issues from development to production

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