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Margo Martis

Margo, the Helpdesk Team Lead at Tartu City Government, has been on an enriching journey with Atlassian products as his steadfast companions. In his crucial role, he has been instrumental in managing and streamlining the organization’s IT support structure, focusing on enhancing workflows, refreshing interfaces, and expanding the toolbox with innovative plugins and plans. His leadership and expertise in IT support have significantly improved the helpdesk’s responsiveness and effectiveness, thereby positively impacting the service quality provided to the city’s administration and its citizens. Margo’s approach, which combines technical proficiency with a strong emphasis on communication and team management, has not only improved internal operations but also continues to excite him as he explores the endless possibilities these tools bring to his vibrant team. His dedication to efficiency and user satisfaction makes him a valuable asset to the Tartu City Government’s IT department, continually driving the journey towards improvement.