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Resource management and time tracking

In the dynamic realm of software development, effective resource planning and precise time tracking are the cornerstones of a successful project.

Activity Timeline, with its myriad options, streamlines resource management in Jira, offering efficiency and ease. Incorporating features such as user and team management, issue and event planning, time tracking, and comprehensive reporting, it propels the development of your project towards the attainment of its goals.

Duration and price:

It depends on the size and exact needs of your organization. The cost is based on the hourly price of €80 (not including VAT).

Setting up employee profiles and teams 

Activity Timeline facilitates multi-level resource planning.

To begin, we start with employee profiles, where we define maximum daily availability, position(s), and skills for each user.

Teams can be set up in two ways: the classic team approach, where users are added manually, or the dynamic team method, where users are automatically grouped based on their positions or skills.

Creating planning views for department, team and project managers

The Activity Timeline, showcasing issues from one or more projects, empowers planning and enables the monitoring of resource usage at both individual user and team levels.

Beyond Jira tickets, the tool allows the management and monitoring of special events, such as vacations, sick leaves, bookings, milestones, sprints, etc., that may not be in the form of traditional issues.

Our assistance extends to mapping your company’s planning requirements and creating tailored views for department, team, and project managers.

Implementing reports for reporting and forecasting 

Among other, Activity Timeline’s array of reports include reports like “Person/Team Availability,” “Planned vs Logged per Project,” “Planned vs Logged per Team,” “Overdue Issues Report,” “Vacations,” “Position Availability,” “Project Resources Report,” and more.

We identify the reporting needs of your executives and assist in configuring and implementing these reports to ensure they align seamlessly with your organizational requirements.

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