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Health check

Why health check?
Most of all, health check is important to avoid less used apps becoming an extra burden. Our team is good at finding out potential blockers and auditing the use of apps. During the process we will ascertain the condition, speed, data usage and stability of the integration in Atlassian products. We study configuration and change history to mitigate all negative impacts on associated projects and shared environments.

Typical estimate: 40-60 h

Analysis of apps and plugins
We analyze one by one the work of your applications and plugins for potential bottlenecks and security issues. In addition, we can compile a backup and recovery plan for your Atlassian products.

We address breaches in data security, assess your compliance with corporate and market policies, check backups, and keep you up with Atlassian security updates. We will audit the use of apps; the ones less used can be an extra burden and cost. We analyze one by one the work of your applications and plugins, study logs, identify and eliminate problems and check integrations for stability. We also bring out the bottlenecks in the architecture of the system components.

Cluster solution
If needed, we can help you implement a cluster solution to optimize for load balancing and high availability. We can also provide help reaching the conclusion about consolidating or separating environments.

Duration and price:
The volume of work depends on the amount of use of Atlassian’s products and the number of plug-ins used, with an average of 40-60h. The pricing is based on a hourly rate of 80 € (not including VAT)

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