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Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

Jira Service Management module Assets enables the creation of a configuration management database in addition to the usual inventory management and IT asset management (ITAM). A configuration management database, or CMDB, is a tool that maps the components and their interrelationships that are important for the operation of a business.

We help to create an appropriate data model and configure the tool to support other processes (such as incident and change management). We ensure that it is easy to update data and make extracts. A well-designed CMDB helps to save time and costs, automate processes, and spot critical vulnerabilities as early as possible.

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Duration and price:

It depends on the size and exact needs of your organization. The cost is based on the hourly price of €80 (not including VAT).

Analyzing current state

We will analyze the current state of your organization’s assets – we map what we have and reuse what we can. Analyzing the current situation helps identify bottlenecks and opportunities to create a better solution.

Creating data model

We will establish structure and relationships, create a data model with rationale and organization-specific use stories. This ensures that the solution created meets the business needs. We identify related parties and their permissions and obligations.


Based on the model, we will build a structure with categorized and organized objects in Assets with the necessary relations, import assets and create connections in Jira projects (connecting objects to incidents, service requests, changes and problems and all other necessary task types in Jira). We set permissions based on schemes or categories.


We automate repetitive procedures and connect the necessary systems.

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