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Maarit Cimolonskas

Task from the client: 
Make the current intranet user-friendly so that everything would be easy to find. Right now the employees struggle to find necessary information and don’t really want to use it. The information architecture, design and search engine are all in need of updates.




The work flow: 
We started the project by gathering information, conducting a survey to understand how the employees currently use the intranet and what their main needs and problems are. Based on this information we put together personas – descriptions of the main users –that helped us map the users’ journeys and needs. At the same time we started tidying up the navigation schema using digital card sorting tools. We reduced the 600 existing navigation points down to 100 from which we created the new navigation model that was tested with nearly 80 employees. Using the user journey map and the new navigation model we created several intranet prototypes that we also tested on the employees. The prototype was created in cooperation with Confluence developers who helped us configure it according to the platform’s constraints and possibilities.

Based on the final prototype we started to develop the desired functionalities based on Confluence, keeping in mind that the source code cannot be changed.

The result: 
The project resulted in an easily navigable and manageable intranet that accommodates all the necessary study materials, work files and operative information.

Describe your experience – how was it to work with us?
Prototyping the intranet gave us a chance to calmly think through all the steps, test it on our employees and ensure that we were creating exactly the kind of platform that the employees needed and actually wanted to use. For me, working with Trinidad Wiseman was like working together with good friends – the communication was honest, friendly and transparent.

What changed as a result of this project? 
With the help from Trinidad Wiseman we now have an intranet that holds all the essential information in one place and is easy to navigate. Over 300 Big bank employees participated in the project and the testing of the intranet. As a result, presentations and other files are not sent through e-mail anymore but are uploaded to the intranet – this way everything is right at hand, right on time. We no longer have to worry about important information or materials being stuck in an employee’s mailbox because everything is done on the intranet.