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Andrus Voolaine

Task from the client: 
The administration tool that we have been using since 2014 is hopelessly outdated. It needs updates, but its additional development would be difficult and expensive. Our goal is to test the new tool JIRA Service Desk as Proof-Of-Concept and develop a working application within a year. The estimated number of end users is about 10 000 and there are slightly over 250 helpdesk workers including various managers.

The result: 
As a result, we installed the new JIRA Service Desk tool which is much more user-friendly and comfortable than the old one, and significantly easier to configure. The client was able to implement all the new processes that support the institution’s daily operations.

Describe your experience – how was it to work with us?

In 2014 we had just formed an agile team in SMIT. I felt like we were a team with Trinidad Wiseman – we were focused on the solutions and the collaboration. Our communication was always fully honest. It was a pleasant and educative experience during which we all learned something from each other. I would like to give a special thanks to Ignite developers for their devotion.

What changed as a result of this project? 
The tool that we developed (mostly based on JIRA Service Desk) became a much better and user-friendlier solution than the old one. Through this we could effectively implement all the new processes that support our institution’s daily operations.